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"Look at me while you cum."

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I want to see your spirit exit your body as I grind that spot you told me to keep hitting to oblivion. Show me that beast you lock up inside; the fiend you want no one to ever meet. Acknowledge the fact that I am touching parts of you no man will ever touch the way I touch them. If you’re going to collapse on top of my body, I want the respect and due diligence of knowing that you looked me in the eye like the mature woman you are and took every inch of my defiant, outspoken, irresistible love. When I ask you something, answer. When I tell you to say something, respond. Or I’ll be forced to make you by touching your stomach with this…

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I need alllllllll of this!

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In the morning, though.

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  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it

what is "good pussy" serious question here


pussy that make u think about being a father





all time favorite photo


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Having the same taste in music is like a soul connection

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Be lowkey

Stay in your lane

fuck with yourself heavy

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The baby picture of Louise in the background

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